2017 Gigs!

24/25 June 2017 –  Leigh on Sea Folk Festival (timings to be confirmed)

16 September 2017 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day at Fox’s Marina Yacht Club, The Strand, Wherstead IP2 8SA

2017 – January – February

Eventful month, during which the ever-beloved Mother Cutbeard, ship’s maid-of-all work, has required the services of the best barber-surgeon that money could buy. Clearly, he weren’t much good – even after being sobered up – so she has for the time being lost the use of her strong right arm. The crew think she brought it upon herself by her policy of not carrying her cutlass on a Sunday, the day of the week when this lamentable tragedy occurred. Good news is, she is still as lethal with her left as her right, and will soon be back on board! Details of 2017 sailings to follow!

Show a leg! Show a leg … ewww, not that one!

What a bunch of lazy pirates we have been, not updating our website!!

You have just missed us at Brixham, and we hope you won’t hold it against us. We’ve had one or two random problems with the website and haven’t managed to get our piratical acts sufficiently together until now.

But, be that as it may – photographs and videos of that stunning event are or will shortly be available on our Facebook page for your enjoyment. Here’s one which may encourage you to go and look …


Our only real excuses are that three of the band are in the middle of recording an album (that’ll be Triangle, then) and the percussionist is buying a boat. Which is, when you think about it, quite a reasonable thing for a pirate to do. We will be telling you more about that in the near future!


New Year … New Horizons

Here we are in 2016 already – it hardly seems possible!

There have been some big changes going on: the Captain has finally kicked the world of 9-5 into the briny, given up getting up early, and set sail into full-time musicianship (he should have done it years ago!) May we recommend that you check out his other projects on his website.

We already have 2016 bookings, but more details will follow over the next couple of months as times and dates are confirmed.

Thank you, Brixham!

Despite less-than-ideal weather, we had a great time at Brixham. The music went down well, and the Captain told us he had more songs for us – how exciting! Thanks particularly to Louis (main stage) and Ian (family stage) for sound, John and Jean at the Smugglers Haunt for B & B (Jean’s fried bread is to die for!), the Smugglers Retreat for superb evening meals and an assortment of well-appointed taverns for liquid refreshment. We will be adding some photos to our site shortly, but, in the meantime, why not go to the Festival’s facebook page and have a look there.

Brixham Main Stage

As a footnote, John and Jean are planning to retire soon (which is why I haven’t put a weblink to the Smugglers Haunt) – here’s wishing them a good ‘un!