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We Did It!

On Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020, at one minute to three, as a confident finger moved to jab the “Go Live” button on Facebook – it disappeared! Calamity! Were we sunk before we began? No, we weren’t, we managed to go live only five minutes late, but our carefully planned schedule went straight out of the porthole and we had to improvise. Everything we had planned appeared, if not on the live event feed, then on the event page. Thanks to Carys, who kept her head while the crew were losing theirs!

For those of you who missed the live show and for those of you who are gluttons for punishment, The Silent One has compiled a YouTube edition which brings everything together in one place (or, more accurately, two places) Please enjoy …

Part 1
Part 2

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020 – The Pestilence Special

Well, our Autumn Gathering at the Olde Smack has fallen victim to the plague – it’s not a big place, and, as you probably know, the nearest it can come to “social distancing” is “not taking the next pirate’s drink out with your elbow (unless you mean it)” – so we have decided to embrace all the technology available to us and go virtual.

This year’s gathering will be live-streamed on Facebook on 19th September from 1500-1745 hrs, with a mix of pre-recorded and live sets from the Silver Darlings, ourselves, Carys (and Max the Pirate Cat) and, headlining, The Captain’s Beard. Please join us for a chat online – and bring your own rum!

Here’s the link: